2014 CAF Project of the year

Construction Advancement Foundation awarded Superior Construction Co., Inc. the Project of the Year Award for the Whiting Lakefront Revitalization Project. This award was based on the Superior’s ability to deliver a quality project to the owner – on schedule, within budget, with minimal disruption of the owner’s operation, while upholding the highest commitment to safety.

In the spring of 2012, Superior Construction Co., Inc. was awarded the Whiting Lakefront Park Revitalization Project. Funded by the Northwest Indiana Regional Development Authority (RDA) and the City of Whiting, along with local, state, and federal funds, this $12.5 million dollar project was aimed to improve the Whiting Lakefront Park and the surrounding lakefront area. In September of 2009, the City of Whiting adopted the Whiting Lakefront Master Plan which specifically called for an additional focus on development, amenities, and connection with the lakefront. This plan has numerous projects and phases of work that will continue in this area to fully restore the lakefront experience to the City of Whiting.

In June of 2012, Superior Construction began work at the Whiting Lakefront Park. This project was aimed to immediately improve access to the lakefront. The following is a brief description of work:

  • Remove and dispose of existing concrete revetment stone and other debris
  • Remove and dispose of existing fishing pier
  • Place over 15,250 tons of new revetment stone along the lakeshore
  • Drive over 4,990 feet of shell pipe pile
  • Construction of a 317 foot long permanent fishing pier
  • Dredging of over 16,000 CY of sand
  • Construction of a 7300 SF concrete boat ramp
  • Construction of a 1100 SF concrete overlook
  • Construction of new 300’ stone breakwater
  • Installation of a new floating dock system
  • Construction of a decorative promenade walk along the lakeshore including over 59,000 SF of colored and non-colored concrete.
  • Placement of over 11,000 CY of topsoil
  • Placement of over 7200 SF of asphalt a for bike trail through the park
  • Installation of limestone seating block area
  • Construction of 9 rain gardens
  • Installation of new asphalt roadway
  • Installation of park features such as plants, trees, benches, bike racks, light poles and an electric car charging station
  • Construction of a fish habitat beneath the fishing pier

The Whiting Lakefront Park Revitalization Project was successfully completed in November 2013 due to the efforts made by all parties involved.

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