Superior Construction is stabilizing and widening the existing North Pier, which provides access to the Chicago Locks located between the Chicago River and Lake Michigan. Crews are driving 600 SF of new sheet pile, 50-ft deep, and tie-rods anchored across 70 ft to an existing whaler and sheet pile wall system. One project challenge was to clear the drive line in front of the existing sheet pile wall to facilitate construction of the new sheet pile wall. Using our in-house marine construction equipment, we are using a specialized excavator equipped with a modified dipper arm on a sectional barge to accomplish this work. Crews are on schedule for a spring 2021 completion.

  • Location Chicago, Illinois
  • Owner US Army Corps of Engineers
  • Delivery Method Design-Bid-Build
  • Completion Year In Process
  • Contract Value $7 million

Project Highlights

  • 28,476 SF of new sheet pile wall
  • 100, 70-ft anchored tie rods
  • 600 LF of C 12x25 whaler
  • 14,600 CY of clear drive line
  • 1,200 CY of structural concrete