Superior Construction works
with clients to MOVE America.

We offer a wide variety of services in bridge and roadway construction. We specialize in delivering unique solutions utilizing multiple project delivery methods but specializing in large design build projects. Our goal is to partner with owners to improve upon early designs and increase the value of the product to the public. We have a long history of exploring cost effective approaches towards projects to increase public safety as well as the safety of our own workforce. We are also experienced in procurement methods including traditional bid-build, CMGC, design-build, and progressive design-build. The partnership with Superior Construction in transportation work starts on day one and ends the day our client is satisfied.

As an original builder of our nation’s interstate system and being based near critical interstate junctions, we have solved complex transportation challenges for 75 years. Having built and improved communities for nearly 100 years, our actions are our commitment to success. We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly respond to the needs of our society. We bring value to our clients through connecting communities, enabling progress, and supporting growth. As transportation experts, we build today’s foundation for tomorrow’s America we pride ourselves on what have built that will outlast any single individual in the organization.


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