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Safety Culture

Superior Construction believes that in order to be an industry leader, a safety-focused culture is top priority. We strive every day to provide a safe work environment and mindset for our employees and work diligently to create a zero-incident company. Any accident or injury on a jobsite receives upper management’s thorough review of how, why, and what we can learn from each situation. We have invested in an award-winning health, safety, and environmental (HSE) group that tirelessly innovates and coordinates with our exposed employees to minimize risk and create a safe work culture both internally and for the public.

Client Experience

“A safe work environment provides financial benefits and reduces disruptions — and it’s our moral duty to do so.”
— Nick Largura, CEO

Our extensive program, developed over multiple generations of input and experiences, allows employees to focus on the task at hand, which is to be the “contractor of choice.” Our clients benefit from the focus we have on each specific work activity by minimizing disruptions to project progress and reducing exposure to the public. This dedication to safety is seen in the work we deliver every day and is highlighted by our industry-leading safety record.


We begin planning a project-specific safety plan far before construction begins, often requiring the pursuit team to outline how to build safely prior to bid. Our proven framework aligns production and safety goals, proactively identifying hazards and ultimately reducing risk while emphasizing safety over all else. From the top executive through each position, we all are required to abide by those same standards as defined in our corporate HSE manual to project-specific plans. Each employee is encouraged to think daily about the potential impact if a task went wrong and then plan accordingly. We plan the work and work the plan.

HSE trained & certified professionals

Our team of trained and certified safety professionals are proactive partners and industry experts. They collaborate with the entire project team and assist in planning and implementing our HSE program. They also participate with our operations teams in enforcing our programs and policies at all levels, providing employees and our subcontractors with the tools and training they need to complete the job safely.

Our HSE program helps us with our goals, including:

  • Industry-best practices and lessons learned
  • Ongoing and regular training, ensuring state-of-the-art systems and protocols
  • Increased productivity and a safe work environment

Award-winning performance

Superior Construction is nationally recognized for our safe work culture, and has retained this for decades. We regularly receive industry safety awards on the national and local levels — awards that reflect the hard work and safe work environment that our safety professionals strive for daily.

Employee experience

Safety is our cornerstone, so the Superior Construction employee experience begins here. Each employee has mandatory safety training upon employment to ensure we strive to implement best-in-class safety procedures, regardless of experience levels. Our goal is that every employee goes home healthy every day, and that the safety culture proliferates through all of our work so that our employees, clients, partners, owners, and communities are protected. Our collaborative program ensures processes and protocols are accounted for and integrated into each construction activity while safely guiding the construction process and reducing hazards and risks.

Construction safety week

Our fundamental safety culture continues through our regular participation in industry-wide safety programs, including Construction Safety Week. While safety is always a focus, Safety Week unites the construction industry and reaffirms how although the industry is competitive, we all share a common goal of keeping employees safe.

Our week-long activities include

  • Various challenges and incentives
  • Presentations from industry partners
  • Focused safety training

Ongoing commitment

Ongoing commitment

We are continually seeking opportunities to improve our program and raise the standard for incident-free workplaces. Some of our ongoing activities include:

  • Regular training courses
  • OSHA 10-hour training by in-house safety professionals
  • Toolbox talks
  • Industry tools and resources
  • Certification programs
  • Technology
  • Quality data and planning to drive safe work decisions
  • Participating in industry group learning and best practices training