The Client

In this high-profile riverfront improvement, the City of Jacksonville wanted to connect the Riverwalk to the Jacksonville Sports Complex. Superior Construction was hired as the design-build contractor of the project, which extended Coastline Drive and Liberty Street over the St. Johns River while replacing a deteriorating existing structure. This area is the narrowest part of the river, which means the water velocity had eroded what was essentially a 50-year-old quay built atop pilings in the river, to the point that parts of the structure had collapsed into the river.

Project Fast Facts
  • Client: City of Jacksonville
  • Location: Jacksonville, FL
  • Work Performed: The demolition of four elevated structures, reconstructing Coastline Drive and Liberty Street over the St. Johns River, salvaging debris from two superstructure collapses, and installing architectural finishes on the Riverwalk in downtown Jacksonville.
  • Project Schedule: Four years and two months