This project included the demolition of four elevated structures, reconstructing Coastline Drive and Liberty Street over the St. Johns River, salvaging debris from two superstructure collapses, and installing architectural finishes on the Riverwalk in downtown Jacksonville. The project location is at the narrowest point of the St. Johns River, which creates increased water velocity and scour of the river bottom. This, combined with significant tidal fluctuations, required Superior Construction’s marine construction professionals to complete detailed planning for moving and positioning of the significant marine fleet.

  • Location Duval County, Florida
  • Owner City of Jacksonville
  • Delivery Method Design-Build
  • Completion Year In Process
  • Contract Value $27.4 million

Project Highlights

  • 23,152 SF of sheet pile driven
  • 1.2 million pounds of rebar installed
  • 3,464 CY of concrete placed
  • 13,100 LF of precast concrete pile driven
  • 4,488 SF of precast curtain wall placed
  • 28,895 SF of Florida slab beam placed
  • 69,498 SF of deck surface demolition
  • 11,000 tons of debris removed
  • 15,000 SF of brick pavers placed