The Client

The US Army Corps of Engineers operates the Chicago Harbor Lock, located at North Pier, adjacent to Navy Pier. This lock separates Lake Michigan from the Chicago River and is one of two entrances to the Illinois Waterway System. It is the fourth busiest lock in the nation for commercial use and second busiest for recreational use. This $7 million reconstruction project widens the pier and provides stability to the lock, which was originally constructed in the 1930s.

Project Fast Facts
  • Owner: US Army Corps of Engineers
  • Location: Chicago, IL
  • Work Performed: Drove 600 SF of new sheet pile, 50-ft deep, and tie-rods anchored across 70 ft to an existing whaler and sheet pile wall system. 28,476 SF of new sheet pile wall; 100, 70-ft anchored tie rods; 600 LF of C 12X25 Whaler; 14,600 CY of Clear Drive Line; 1,200 CY of Structural Concrete
  • Project Scheduled: 1 year and 4 months
  • Completion Date: Anticipated completion in September 2021