The Client

Whiting, Indiana’s BP Refinery, is the largest refinery in the Midwest and the third largest in the nation. In this $3.8 billion modernization project, BP planned to change its processing units in order to increase the use of Canadian crude oil from 30% to 80-90%. In addition, the expansion included the licensing, design, and fabrication of sulphur recovery technology and the revamping of several hydrotreaters — all to increase the life and production of the refinery and keep it compliant with EPA regulations.

Project Fast Facts
  • Client: BP Products North America
  • Location: Whiting, IN
  • Work Performed: 1.9 million yearly man hours on average, working in 5 different project areas and including logistical support. Installing pipe structions, foundation civil work, and foundations for piping. 850,000 CY of excavation; 92,000 CY of concrete; 9,000 tons of structural steel; 492 modules.
  • Project Schedule: Five years
  • Completion Date: December 2013