Project Name

Coastline Drive & Liberty Street Bridge Replacement

Project Location

Jacksonville, FL


City of Jacksonville



Delivery Type

Design / Build


Coastline Dr & Liberty St Bridge Replacement

General Scope

Superior Construction’s crews are busy placing concrete on our the City of Jacksonville Coastline and Liberty Street Bridge Replacement project in Jacksonville, Florida. This is a design / build project with HDR as the engineer of record. The Coastline Drive Bridge is designed to handle vehicle traffic, as well withstand vessel impact and passive earth pressure of surrounding bulkhead structures. This project includes the demolition of four elevated structures, salvage of debris from two superstructure collapses, construction of two elevated replacement structures, and architectural finishes for the Riverwalk along the Saint Johns River. We are on track for an early 2020 project completion.
The unique aspect of this project is the marine construction component, with the majority of the work being completed from the water. We are utilizing our marine fleet, which includes cranes on barges, to access various portions of the work. We also use our company-owned tug boat to move equipment and material throughout the project.