This Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) project was a four-lane commuter road serving the Depot Business District of Smyrna, Tennessee. The project originally specified four, two-lane closures over four weekends to lessen impacts to travelers. Superior Construction redesigned the bridge deck panels, which eliminated the prestressed requirement as well as reduced the total number or panels from 84 down to 18, reducing overall cost. This redesign also changed the sidewalk from cantilever panels, reducing safety risks. We removed large sections by precutting the diaphragms, abutments, and making the initial cuts on the bridge deck prior to the weekend closure. This accelerated the project schedule, as well as eliminated potential environmental impacts.

  • Location Rutherford County, Tennessee
  • Owner Tennessee Department of Transportation
  • Delivery Method Design-Bid-Build
  • Completion Year 2017
  • Contract Value $1.3 million